Flying High Over Sydney

‘Hey Mitch, I have my private pilot’s license… if you’d like to take an aerial tour of Sydney Harbour when you are in town just let me know.’ There are some opportunities that one just doesn’t say no to.  Of course, seeing as I had spoken with Yoni many times but never actually met him,... Continue Reading →

The New Hat: Not copying anyone…

A dozen years ago my parents went to Australia, and asked if I wanted them to bring me back anything.  I asked for a koala.  Nothing doing.  Okay, then how about a hat?  They asked me to measure my head, and sure enough a few weeks later I was introduced to the Akubra brand, and... Continue Reading →

Gone for Walkabout…

One of my very good friends, Erdal Ozkaya, picked me up Sunday morning for an incredible day in and around Sydney.  He and his family took me to two very famous beaches – Manly Beach (where Erdal’s son and I practiced our Taekwondo) and Bondi Beach.  They took me to a place called Woolloomooroo (which... Continue Reading →

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