1. Hi AJ,
      Thanks for asking. Unfortunately I cannot really answer your question; I am doing a weight-loss program that I do not endorse, so I am not telling anyone what it is. I am reasonably sure that someone can lose a lot of weight on it pretty quickly (given they have the discipline to stick to it) but if they ever go off the program, even for a few days, they will gain back a lot of the weight. I essentially took three days off the program (I didn’t, but I cheated a lot) and found myself 15lbs heavier this morning than I was three days ago, which is ridiculous. So I do NOT discuss the program, because after I am done, if I do not have the strongest discipline (which I hope I will) all of the weight will come back in a hurry.

      With that being said, the cleanse is essentially two days of fasting, with the exception of their powdered crap for essential nutrients. I don’t know if I ate 500 calories today… I doubt it. Tomorrow will likely not be a very fun day!

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