Are you a SkyDriver?

Well if you aren’t, you should be!  Right now loyal SkyDrive users have the opportunity to upgrade their default 7GB free on-line storage to 25GB on-line storage… but that’s not the best part.  Here are some huge changes that will rock your world with cloud-based storage:

image1) SkyDrive is a free service… that is not changing.  However if your 7GB (or 25GB) free storage is still constricting, you can now purchase additional space on a yearly basis… and it is really not very expensive – $10 for an extra 20GB, right up to $50 per year for an additional 100GB of free on-line storage.  Now that is impressive, and beyond the requirements of most people that I know.


SNAGHTMLb1821cc2) Remember Live Mesh? Well it is now integrated into the Live SkyDrive… or at least the functionality is.  So you can now download the Microsoft SkyDrive app (for Windows, Mac, Windows Phone, iPhone and iPad!) and then synchronize your Live SkyDrive to any device.  As you can see in the screenshot I have a folder within the profile on my primary laptop configured to synchronize… it is by default created at %user%\SkyDrive.  However you can configure it however you like.  This allows me to store all of my files here… and have them automatically backed up into the cloud!



3) I am told that the new file size limit is 2GB… I haven’t tried this out yet, but that is a huge file to store in the cloud, and a great improvement on the previous file size limit of 100MB.

So in short, if you are not yet a SkyDriver, now is the time… have fun, and TO THE CLOUD!!!


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