Windows Live Essentials… died quietly.

I have been blogging on WordPress for years, and before that I used a different platform... but it has been over a decade that I have been using Windows Live Writer to write my blog articles.  On occasion, I would write on the WordPress app on my phone or iPad, and sometimes even from the … Continue reading Windows Live Essentials… died quietly.

Live Writer: Not gone, just a pain in the Windows 10.

I have been blogging with Windows Live Writer for a very long time.  So when Microsoft did not see fit to install a Universal App (formerly Windows 8 app) of it, I was glad that I could simply install the same old version... and even if they were not going to upgrade it who cares, … Continue reading Live Writer: Not gone, just a pain in the Windows 10.

Are you a SkyDriver?

Well if you aren’t, you should be!  Right now loyal SkyDrive users have the opportunity to upgrade their default 7GB free on-line storage to 25GB on-line storage… but that’s not the best part.  Here are some huge changes that will rock your world with cloud-based storage: 1) SkyDrive is a free service… that is not … Continue reading Are you a SkyDriver?