A Public Apology to Podunk

It has been brought to my attention that recent posts in this space have been perceived to have called negative attention to the reputation of the fine and non-offensive people of Podunk, NY.

On behalf of myself, the editors, the writers, the families, friends, and students of myself, the editors, and the writers, and a guy named Bill I would like to apologize for any perceived slight.  Any offense was unintentional, and without any good or substantiated reason.

I would like to call all of my readers to a gathering in Podunk at a future date where I will, in a proud, sincere, and friendly voice proclaim before one and all that Ich bin ein Podunker.

We wish the people of Podunk well, and congratulate them on not being from Convoy, Ohio (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Convoy,_Ohio).


Mitch Garvis, CPF (Certified Podunk Fan)


2 responses to “A Public Apology to Podunk”

  1. What about Convoy, Ohio?????

    1. I am just pointing out that Podunk is not Convoy 🙂

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