A new Server Means New Books… where should you start?

With the recent launch of Windows Server 2012 comes a new slate of books.  Many IT pros will automatically reach for the updated version of the book they liked for the previous iteration of the OS, and there are many to choose from.  I doubt there are too many successful books on Windows Server 2008 that will not be renewed for Windows Server 2012.  That is why when Microsoft Press (via O’Reilly) asked if I would be interested in looking at the Windows Server 2012 Pocket Consultant (By William R. Stanek, Microsoft Press) I was happy to do it.

I need to be clear… I have not read a computer book cover to cover in a very long time.  I read through the Contents, and I will flip to a few different topics that are of interest to me, and see how clear the writing is.  I may read through a few pages, and after that it becomes a reference manual that I will pick out when I need help.

My copy of the previous version of this book (Windows Server® 2008 Administrator’s Pocket Consultant) is dog-eared and well-worn, a definite sign that I found it useful.  At first glance it looks like the new book will not be new too long; true to style, Stanek’s writing is clear and easy to understand, and the REAL WORLD notes found in many of the sections show that he really understands what administrators go through in the course of their jobs. 

Even the most experienced admins will occasionally need a hand, and the Pocket Consultant series has been among my favorites because the books cut through the chaff and give you the information you need… without page fillers.

One thing that surprised me about this book is the conspicuous absence of Hyper-V.  The Index lists it on 4 pages of the 685 pages of book; this surprised me because of the obvious weight that Microsoft is placing on Hyper-V for administrators.  With that being said, I can only hope that Microsoft Press will be releasing an entire book on Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012.  If not… there’s always the Microsoft Virtual Academy Smile

All in all I am recommending this book… with the single noted exception it is pretty complete, and will definitely spend a lot of time open on my desk!


5 responses to “A new Server Means New Books… where should you start?”

  1. Excellent blog. This is exactly how I evaluate a book prior to purchase. I review the table of contents, whether it has a top down structure and then I read from several areas to see if the writing is clear and easy to follow.

    I enjoy reading your blog because you are an excellent writer, who is also technically knowledgeable.

    1. Thanks Linda! I appreciate that!

  2. Pasquale Pescatore Avatar
    Pasquale Pescatore


    I always enjoy anything you write as I find you to be very knowledgeable and brilliant in a lot of areas in which I work in IE MS products, VMware etc…

    Keep on writing and I’ll keep on reading.

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