New (and Free!) E-Books

Last month I posted an updated list of free ebooks that Microsoft Press offers (Free E-Books… Way beyond PDF Files!) which was extremely well received.  Well today I was given information that MS Press released two new ebooks this month, both of which are extremely of interest to a lot of my readers. Microsoft System… Continue reading New (and Free!) E-Books

Free E-Books… Way beyond PDF Files!

Back in 2013 I published an article about free e-books from Microsoft Press, and I got some great response to it.  Why?  My readers love books, and everyone loves getting something for nothing.  That is just simple math. I was having a conversation with my team last week, and they told me they did not… Continue reading Free E-Books… Way beyond PDF Files!

Free Books from MS Press

As many people know I covet books, and have been collecting (hoarding?) technical books since I got back into IT.  So when Eric Ligman  pings me an entire list of free eBooks available from Microsoft Press for download, I was thrilled… as you should be! Now here is my dirty little secret that will get… Continue reading Free Books from MS Press

Two new books on Hyper-V: Networking & Storage!

I love promoting IT Pros and Microsoft, but when one of the champions is a Canadian it is even better for me.  Mitch Tulloch is an IT Pro author from Winnipeg, and is one of the guys I really look up to.  I have a bunch of his books, and every time a new one… Continue reading Two new books on Hyper-V: Networking & Storage!

A new Server Means New Books… where should you start?

With the recent launch of Windows Server 2012 comes a new slate of books.  Many IT pros will automatically reach for the updated version of the book they liked for the previous iteration of the OS, and there are many to choose from.  I doubt there are too many successful books on Windows Server 2008… Continue reading A new Server Means New Books… where should you start?

A Report from the MVP Global Summit

The week before the MVP Summit I got an e-mail asking me if I would be interested in blogging about the Summit for Microsoft Press.  As I was planning on blogging anyways I agreed… and rather than posting several smaller articles here, I sent one giant article to Microsoft; it was published today at,… Continue reading A Report from the MVP Global Summit