More Free EBooks from Microsoft Press

You have to give Microsoft Learning (and Microsoft Press) credit... they have finally figured out that their parent company will make more money if they help people to learn their products, rather than charging them for the privilege. When the Microsoft Virtual Academy went on-line we were all thrilled, and continue to be so as … Continue reading More Free EBooks from Microsoft Press

Free Books from MS Press

As many people know I covet books, and have been collecting (hoarding?) technical books since I got back into IT.  So when Eric Ligman  pings me an entire list of free eBooks available from Microsoft Press for download, I was thrilled… as you should be! Now here is my dirty little secret that will get … Continue reading Free Books from MS Press

Windows Server 2012: Free EBook!

For the last few months I have been talking about Windows Server 2012, and I am thrilled to see that so many of you are downloading it and using the Release Candidate.  When the product does release so many IT Pros will be ready to hit the ground running!  If you, like me, are one of … Continue reading Windows Server 2012: Free EBook!

The MVP Global Summit – My experience, for Microsoft Press

I had forgotten about this post.  In February I attended Microsoft's Global MVP Summit in Redmond, Washington.  In anticipation of that I was asked by my MVP Lead and Microsoft Press to write a blog article about it.  I usually write my articles in one sitting, but this one took place over four days.  I … Continue reading The MVP Global Summit – My experience, for Microsoft Press