More Free EBooks from Microsoft Press

You have to give Microsoft Learning (and Microsoft Press) credit... they have finally figured out that their parent company will make more money if they help people to learn their products, rather than charging them for the privilege. When the Microsoft Virtual Academy went on-line we were all thrilled, and continue to be so as... Continue Reading →

Does Microsoft Learning listen?

I often tell people who are worried about taking Microsoft exams for fear of failing that I have failed more exams than most people have ever taken – to date over twenty failures, including one miserable exam that I only passed on my fourth attempt. Don’t worry, I do pass more than I fail.  Something... Continue Reading →

Clarity: MCSA vs. MCSE: the what and why

This article was originally published in June, 2012. Due to the relevance and current interest in certifications I decided to republish. -MDG When I found out that Microsoft Learning was (again!) revamping the certification stack, I thought to myself that after all these years it might be time to stop chasing certifications.  After all, when... Continue Reading →

A Response to the Cost and Difficulty of IT Certifications

For her article posted yesterday (Microsoft Certification Exams Are Getting Harder) on, Kasia Lorenc interviewed Erika Cravens and Krista Wall on how Microsoft certification exams are getting more difficult. While I have not seen the new format, I welcome the challenge – especially if it means that new question formats will eliminate (or at... Continue Reading →

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