Free E-Books… Way beyond PDF Files!

Back in 2013 I published an article about free e-books from Microsoft Press, and I got some great response to it.  Why?  My readers love books, and everyone loves getting something for nothing.  That is just simple math.

I was having a conversation with my team last week, and they told me they did not have the budget to purchase the reference materials they needed to properly learn the servers they were deploying.  That reminded me of the free books, and I decided to go on-line and see what was currently available.

There are a few categories that I will call out because they are the areas of focus that I touch on (namely infrastructure), but I can assure you the list for developers and end-users it there too.

Now here’s the best part: If you have an e-book reader such as a Kobo (or any of the others) then there is a very good change you can download these books for that platform directly from your merchant’s on-line store.  For example, a quick check of finds Introducing Windows Server 2012 R2 available as a free e-book. 


This will not be comprehensive, but fortunately for us Kobo owners you can also download the e-books and side-load books to your device. (Full disclosure: I am on contract to Kobo, so yes I favour them over the competition)

So without any more fanfare, here is a list of titles currently available:

Windows Server

System Center




SQL Server


Now go forth and learn, study, and implement!


5 responses to “Free E-Books… Way beyond PDF Files!”

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