In interesting survey from VMworld…

I have a lot of conversations with people about virtualization… it’s what I do (well, among other things).  While most people agree that I am technically knowledgeable on both Microsoft and vSphere virtualization, sometimes my analysis and commentary strike people as skewed and unrealistic based on my relationship with Microsoft. 

For the past couple of years I have been talking about the advancements that Microsoft has made with regard to virtualization with Hyper-V and the associated technologies, not only from a technological standpoint, but also with regard to market share.  A lot of people have told me that I am dead wrong,and that I am living a fantasy if I think that Microsoft could ever make a dent in VMware’s market share. 

That is one of the reasons I am so happy to read an article posted yesterday in NetworkWorld ( called VMware, the bell tolls for thee, and Microsoft is ringing itThe writer (Zeus Kerravala) writes about a survey conducted recently at VMworld, which for those of you unfamiliar is VMware’s large yearly event, equivalent to Microsoft’s TechEd events.

NetworkWorld surveyed attendees about their Hyper-V usage, and got some very encouraging (for Microsoft) answers.  Read what he has to say here, and feel free to start a local discussion here… I would love to know (especially from traditionally VMware shops) if you are running Hyper-V – in test? production?  Are you discussing it?  Let me know! -M


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