vSphere vs. Hyper-V: The Head to Head Battle!

On Thursday August 8th I participated in a webinar debate.  Shawn MacArthur (CEO of VMTraining) and I had a friendly debate over which hypervisor and virtualization ecosystem was better.  This was the third part in the series – The first had Shawn discussing vSphere, the second had me discussing Hyper-V and System Center. Who won? ... Continue Reading →

It’s On! VMware Versus Microsoft!

It is going down this week! August 8th (Thursday) at 2:00pm Eastern Time (11:00am Pacific)!  In the Blue corner we have Shawn MacArthur, and in the Red corner we have Mitch Garvis!  Two champions, both undefeated, and the winner will be… YOU! VERSUS As many of you know I used to (and occasionally still do)... Continue Reading →

In interesting survey from VMworld…

I have a lot of conversations with people about virtualization… it’s what I do (well, among other things).  While most people agree that I am technically knowledgeable on both Microsoft and vSphere virtualization, sometimes my analysis and commentary strike people as skewed and unrealistic based on my relationship with Microsoft.  For the past couple of... Continue Reading →

It’s Coming… Can we now compare Hyper-V with vSphere as both new products prepare for launch?

On July 5th I published an article titled A Response to VMware’s ‘Get the Facts’ page comparing vSphere to Hyper-V & System Center’. In the seven weeks since it went live it has become the 4th most read article I have ever published (in seven years as a blogger), as well as being by far the... Continue Reading →

Is it true? The Memory Tax is gone!

CRN is reporting that next week at VMworld VMware will be announcing that they are doing away with Virtual Memory Entitlements, which you have probably heard me refer to as the Memory Tax. According to the article (http://www.crn.com/news/cloud/240005840/vmware-kills-vram-licensing-will-focus-on-vsphere-cloud-bundles.htm?cid=nl_alert) VMware is trying to regain its competitive edge over Microsoft’s Hyper-V, which has over the past couple... Continue Reading →

Hyper-V on the Client: How to install the hypervisor on Windows 8

For four years people have known me as the Hyper-V guy, and of course my interest in Microsoft virtualization dates back to 2004.  However I am also known as a Windows client guy – my MVP Award category is Windows Expert (IT Pro).  So what could be better than combining the two?  Microsoft has given... Continue Reading →

Free Backup Utility for Virtualization Environments

I just got a notification e-mail from Veeam that they now have a free edition of their backup tool: Veeam Backup Free Edition for both VMware and Hyper-V.  This is exciting news because backing up your virtual environment is so important.  They are also including VeeamZIP, instant file-level recovery, and Quick Migration for VMware.  This... Continue Reading →

Layer 1 or Layer 2 Hypervisor? A common misconception of Hyper-V, and a brief explanation of the Parent Partition

In the world of Server Virtualization, there are two types of hypervisors: Layer 2 hypervisors are installed as an application (or service) on an existing operating system (such as Microsoft Windows).  Layer 1 hypervisors are in and of themselves operating systems that are installed on the ‘bare metal’ – directly on the hardware. The hypervisor... Continue Reading →

Gartner agrees with me… Hyper-V is for real!

In September Microsoft Canada contracted me as a Virtual Partner Technology Advisor, tasking me with evangelizing Microsoft virtualization solutions.  One of the reasons I was such a good fit for the role is that I am very familiar with both Microsoft’s and VMware’s server virtualization solutions – I teach and consult on both platforms.  I... Continue Reading →

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