Windows 8: Client Hyper-V and Why It Matters

Recently I sat down with Kevin Remde from Microsoft’s US DPE team to discuss virtualization in Windows 8.  We had a great discussion about VDI, client-side Hyper-V, and a lot of other interesting options.  Let us know what you think! -M

3 responses to “Windows 8: Client Hyper-V and Why It Matters”

  1. Hi Mitch,
    Great to meet you via your interview with Kevin Remde. I became an active follower as of today. Us Canadians (OK, Vancouver is not Canada like Toronto is, but still …)

    I had a couple of questions following the interview:
    1. I gather that one first installs Windows 8 Enterprise, then Hyper-V from Windows 8. Does that mean that Hyper-V RUNS under Windows 8, or does it become a Class I installation – i.e., once installed, does it run directly on the hardware, or do you have to first boot Windows 8 and launch it from Windows?
    If it runs on the hardware, what becomes of the original Windows 8 installation? Does it become virtualized and run on the Hyper-V platform?
    2. Is Application Virtualization included in Hyper-V, or is that a separate product? I would like to virtualize my apps so that I can use that same app installations in each OS, and maintain my settings and data.

    1. Hi David,
      I am sorry it took so long to respond! Here you go:
      1. Windows 8 installs on the hardware. When you install the Hyper-V role it creates what is called the Parent Partition, which is a para-virtual partition. See article:
      2. Application Virtualization is not part of Hyper-V, it is part of the MDOP program.

      Good luck!


  2. Mitch,
    please delete my previous comment, and this one. I found my answers in the MSDN blogs below:
    Hyper-V on Client — Windows 8 Pro by olivie:

    Hyper-V on Windows 8 by Bryan Group:

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