Remember when she was young…

WP_000547It was Boxing Day, and my friend Cam and his fiancé came over for the afternoon.  As we sat in the living room Cam was amazed at how well behaved Gingit was – at least, relative to what once was.  She is still a hellion, but she has mellowed over the years.  As we told Amanda of some of the things that Gingit has chewed on over the years she could hardly believe it… how could such a cute, loveable, quiet, and well-behaved dog ever do all of this?  Well it’s true… and she was once even recognized for it.  There is a site called which has a ‘Top Ten’ list, and when Gingit was a puppy – in the summer of 2008 – she made it to #4 on the Most Wanted list.  The post was called ‘If Only Gingit Loved Regular Dog Food…’ but the truth was she would eat anything.

Fortunately over the years our little girl has mellowed somewhat, and we have gotten VERY good at securing anything of value.  I am not sure whether it is the first or the second point that has saved our stuff, but she still gets into things – garbage cans are never safe, and I find former Matchbox cars from time to time.  And for reasons that are beyond me the baby’s diaper bin has always been a temptation (YUCK!) but most of the time she is good.

Take a look at the article though… if you ever come over and see our wonderful dog, remember what once was… –M


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