Virtual Desktop Infrastructure…

As many of you know I am not shy about sharing my opinions on the IT industry.  So when Mitch Tulloch – an IT Professional and writer of great renown – asked me to write an editorial for his site I was not about to pass up the opportunity.

Mitch asked me to discuss VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.  I was excited because it is a topic that bridges three subjects that I am passionate about – virtualization, the Windows client (desktop), and the management tools that make them viable in the enterprise.  I had a lot to say on the subject, and although I am used to pushing up against deadlines, this time it was not because of procrastination.

My editorial was published Monday morning, and I am very excited to share it with you, and to hear your comments about it.  It is called VD Why? VD Sigh… or VD Aye!


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