Happy Friday!

As I sit at the Artisano Bakery Café in Oakville (yes, the one where I essentially lived for a couple of years!) writing, I noticed that it is raining.  No, not just raining… pouring.  Thunder and lightening, the whole nine yards.  In short, it is wet!

It has been an extremely hot week in southern Ontario, with temperatures in the mid-30s (Celsius) every single day.  It seems that everyone I spoke to had a comment (usually a complaint) about it, but not me… I may be hot and sweaty but a) I love the heat and b) I much prefer it to the cold.  Not to mention the fact that in recorded history not one single complaint about the weather has ever caused it to change.

So the rain is welcome… for our farmers and golf courses of course, but also because this storm should break our heat wave.  I don’t mind it, but a lot of people seem to.  The fact that I am stuck here until it is over means that I get to write a little bit more.

I was planning to post an article (you know, aside from this one) today, but I didn’t get it finished in time.  It is what some of my colleagues refer to as a ‘Good Friday Post’… completely off-topic, nothing to do with technology, but it should be of interest to my readers anyways.  I have decided to save it for next Friday, so stay tuned for my article about yelling drivers and the best way to communicate between cars (Yes, it is related to Road Rage!).

I am also trying to finish up my review of the Jabra Motion+ UC for Monday morning… I have told you about several Jabra products in the past, and frankly each one I get is better than the last. 

Sunday afternoon I am heading to Portland (Maine) for the week, where I am teaching a course on Hyper-V (2008 R2, but I am sure I will inject some 2012 goodness into it!) so I will be knee-deep in virtualization… combine that with all of the time my students have to work on labs and I am sure I will have an article or two on virtualization before the week is done.

In the meantime I want to invite you all to enjoy the week-end… take some time to smell the flowers as it were.  Spend some time with your family, go golfing if that’s your thing.  The Garvis Family is invited to a barbecue tomorrow evening, and I am looking forward to spending time with our friends.

Happy Friday to all of my loyal readers… and thank you all for your support this week! -M


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