A New Look to The World…

MITCH…Not the entire world, of course, only The World According to Mitch.  I have made some changes, most of them cosmetic, that I hope you will appreciate.  WordPress (the platform on which I blog) has hundreds if not thousands of themes available, and every year or so I try out a new look.  I try to keep it simple and elegant.

This theme is called The Twenty Twelve Theme, and is one of the more popular themes according to WordPress, but I did not know that until I had already selected it.  It is simple, professional, and I would love to hear your thoughts.

Something that I have added (for the first time ever) is a Donate button.  As you know I do not and never have charged for my blog, nor have I ever accepted payment for product reviews or endorsements.  What I used to see on other pages as a blatant hand out I now feel has a place.  There is no obligation of course, and you will not be missing out on anything if you don’t donate.  However if people are interested, I will gladly accept them.  If you have followed me for any amount of time you must know how hard I work to maintain the site, and 320,000 hits can’t be wrong! Smile  Well… they can be, but I hope you don’t think they are… especially if you are a return visitor!

If you do not feel I should ask for donations I want to hear from you… I am not promising anything, but if there is enough negative opinion I will likely take it down.  Otherwise feel free to press it… or not Winking smile

Thanks again for three incredible years!



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