An Open Letter to Those Who Posted on my Facebook Wall Berating Israel

It is amazing that people who are otherwise intelligent can be so gullible and ignorant.  In 2005 Israel left Gaza completely.  Not only did the IDF withdraw, they pulled out all settlers (often at gunpoint, kicking and screaming).  They left behind factories, farms, and the world community committed a boatload of money for them to build more.  In fact, they had the opportunity to make a Palestinian state that would have been a model for the other occupied territories.

What they did, instead of building anything productive:

  • They elected Hamas (an internationally recognized terrorist organization) as their government;
  • Rather than build or maintain infrastructure, they dug tunnels… at a ridiculous cost of BILLIONS of dollars.  They dug tunnels under the border with the expressed intention of attacking Israeli civilians.
  • They armed themselves to the teeth.  They bought billions of dollars of weapons – rockets that can reach Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, guns, bombs, etc… not just some, but ridiculous amounts of them.
  • They placed those weapons as close as they could to civilians… rented apartments intentionally adjacent to childrens’ bedrooms, hospitals (the Al-Shifa hospital which was built by the Israeli government, complete with a bunker-protected operating theatre, is now a command headquarters for Hamas), and yes even UNITED NATIONS SCHOOLS.  This is done so that when Israel DOES retaliate (as they have been this month) there will be civilian deaths which Hamas can then show the world and convince ignorant people that the big bad Israelis are evil.

Israel targets the Hamas weapons and weeps when there are civilian casualties.  Hamas aims at civilians… they always have, and they have not changed.  Not only do they TARGET Israeli civilians, they place their own civilians in harm’s way INTENTIONALLY and at gunpoint so that there will be civilian deaths.

With all of that said, Israelis NEVER celebrate the death of innocent civilians… on either side.  Whoever told you that they did is full of crap. 

Israel and Israelis want peace, but we are also not stupid… Hamas doesn’t want peace… even the PLO (the government of the West Bank) are trying to distance themselves from the Hamas tactics… and they know that Hamas is screwing them.  Hamas has asked for several cease-fires, and have broken every one of them within an hour.

Fortunately there is a solution.  Everyone is telling me that there has to be a complicated negotiation in order to end the war.  No… here it is, the answer to a lasting peace between Gaza and Israel.  Are you ready for it?


Of course it is a little more complicated than that… They would need to stop firing rockets into Israel (and tough shit that we keep shooting them down… We actually want to PROTECT our people… suck it up).  They would have to secure their borders and stop digging infrastructure aimed solely at attacking Israel.  Stop sending human bombs into Israel… in fact stop sending anyone who doesn’t want to be friends.

There it is.  By the way, I know you don’t like Jews.  Here’s the truth, as proven by… every conflict, as well as every other measure of your struggle against us: We are stronger than you, and we are smarter than you.  Live with it.  You don’t like us?  STAY IN YOUR OWN YARD AND BUILD YOUR OWN COUNTRY. 

Wait… you say that some of the Palestinians in Gaza DON’T hate Israel?  They WANT peace?  They want to come into Israel to work (as they have been doing since 1967)?  Guess what… THEY ARE WELCOME TO CONTINUE TO DO SO. 

We don’t hate Arabs, we don’t hate Muslims, and we don’t hate Palestinians.  WE LOATHE TERRORISTS.  We hate them with every fabric of our being.  I remember what I learned in Basic Training way back when – 1994, and it was in Ramallah which is no longer part of Israel.  WE ARE NOT LIKE THEM… WE TARGET THE GUILTY, AND NOT THE GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION.

So you live in the West, and you want to believe the propaganda? You know what… I can live with that.  You want to boycott Israel and Israeli products?  No problem… but please boycott all of them, including the vaccines.  You want to support Hamas?  Don’t do it on Facebook… fly over there (Sorry, you will have to fly into Ben Gurion International Airport and then take a bus to Gaza) and join them. 

But if you want to accuse Israel and Israelis of being monsters? War criminals? Murderers?  Do me a favour… do it to someone else.  If you want to do it on Facebook, then do it to someone else.  If you are willing to discuss it like rational human beings over coffee, I will gladly listen to what you say as long as you are willing to listen to what I say.  I guarantee you though… I am better informed on the subject than anyone who gets their information from CNN or the BBC.


One response to “An Open Letter to Those Who Posted on my Facebook Wall Berating Israel”

  1. Well said, Mitch. I’ve got quite a few years on you and have been watching events longer. For the record I am neither Israeli or Jewish. Nor am I Arabic or Muslim. Just a plain old Canadian white kid with English heritage. There has always been lots of blame to throw around, but fundamentally the Israelis managed to negotiate a worthless piece of desert for their homeland, and set about turning it into a modern country, by simple back-breaking hard work. The Palestinians whined about losing their own homeland only after the Israelis made it worth having. They so loved their miserable strips of undeveloped land that they all left it behind so that Syria could bomb Israel off the face of the earth. Oops, Israel didn’t let itself be killed and showed the rest of the world what real determination and tenacity is. When Israel invited the Palestinians back as citizens, Did they build a life for their families? No, they whined that riches were not endowed on them. They invented terrorism. When they got some other land close by, did they build it into place where their people could live in peace, do business, make money, educate their children, and make the desert bloom? No, they whined that nobody would do it for them, They invented the terrorist government. The indoctrinated their children in primary school as terrorists. They sent terrorists into Israel to indiscriminately murder innocents. They whined that there was no work because they hadn’t bothered to build a country, and whined when they were prevented from working in Israel because of the terrorist attacks. They built tunnels to illegally cross an International border into a sovereign country and send terrorists to indiscriminately murder innocents. They launched rockets to indiscriminately murder innocents. They even whined when the Israelis defended themselves by shooting down the rockets.
    I try to be fair and see the problem from the Palestinians’ point of view. But I just keep coming back to the simple fact that they’ve never bothered to build anything positive. Instead they whine that the Israelis have made something out of the same land they failed to develop. I can’t get past it. No one has a God-given right to something for nothing, and neither do the Palestinians. Grow up already!
    Bottom line, have the Palestinians ever contributed any thing to the world? Yes, terrorism. Have they spent any sweat building a life for their families? No, they sent their sons and daughters to join the terrorists. And they whine about how hard they have it. Guess what? If you never build anything, you never get anything. If you make war, sometimes you lose. If you never build a country worth fighting for, you always lose. If you make a national goal to murder innocents, you can’t expect anyone to love you for it.
    Mitch, you’re right, all the Palestinians have to do is stop making war and terror and GET TO WORK. The Israelis built a powerful and wonderful nation with less resources and support than the Palestinians have had for decades. STOP WHINING AND GET TO WORK.

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