Should I return the Surface Pro 3?

I have been having an issue with the device… it’s a networking issue that is absolutely not normal behaviour.  The Microsoft Store replaced it for me once, but I am still having the issues. I requested a call-back from Surface Support this week; I was assured by the site that I would receive a call within 34 minutes.  However 30 minutes later (after counting down the whole while) they changed the status to ‘Sorry, our support desk is closed, so call-backs are not available.  Please try again during normal business hours.’  Crap.

The next day I opted for on-line chat (during normal business hours).  I waited for an hour plus (the expected wait time was 22 minutes).  Finally Kaylee came onto the chat; after I explained the problem to her she reset the chat… in other words, the problem was over her head so she decided to waste my time and let me go back into the queue… for another hour long wait.

I am pissed now, and am ready to take the device back to the Microsoft Store and get my money back so that I can go elsewhere and buy a device that doesn’t have these issues.

What do you think?


11 responses to “Should I return the Surface Pro 3?”

  1. Hi Mitch,
    Can you describe the “networking issue that is absolutely not normal behaviour.” in more detail. There may be a solution without having to rely on Microsoft support.

    1. Alan do you think I didn’t try a few things? I am miffed about the device, but I am PISSED at the support team.

  2. Hey Mitch,

    It seems perfectly reasonable to me to contact the Microsoft Store manager where you purchased the device and have him escalate it on your behalf.

    The product is fully warranteed and if a second replacement device exposes the same issue, then you should get your money back, in full.

    I would then get into the product team and let them know in no uncertain terms how dissatisfied you are with the support for this device. By all means copy Janet Kennedy – President of Microsoft Canada.

    My experience with my new SurfacePro3 has been positive in all respects. I look forward to hearing that you were able to get it sorted out.

    Dave F

  3. Send it back. They won’t learn if you don’t show them the consequences.

  4. You have a habit of pushing MSFT. HP, ACER, LG and yes APPLE HAVE MUCH BETTER HARDWARE.
    If MSFT was not so greedy and stopped trying to monopolize everything they would do much better sticking to software. Get used to it.MSFT IS STILL BIG but it is declining. The original guys-Gates and Balmer are gone and they have been getting rid of their shares as well. The new names are GOOGLE, APPLE and many others too numerous to mention. Try others things besides MSFT.
    With all their legions of robots they are as original as toothpaste makers. Get used to it, Mitch. Get HP, it works better…..

    1. Irwin I used to push Microsoft because I was on contract to them. If you look at my record I am and always have been a huge fan of HP, and currently have two desktop replacement workstations of theirs. I like the Surface Pro 3 better than any other comparable device, but that is not why I am not exchanging this for an LG Acer HP or Apple… I bought it, and unless the Microsoft Store is willing to refund my money (they did a lot for me, but they won’t do that) this is what I have. Fortunately as lousy as the on-line support is, the folks at the MS Store took care of me.

  5. Return it. If it is causing you trouble now, no matter what you, it will constantly eat away at you. Sometimes a bad device is exactly that.

  6. Hi Mitch, I am disappointed to hear of the issue your having with your surface 3. I owed an RT, Pro 1 and Pro 2. I was planning on picking up Pro 3 on my return from holiday, but know that I have heard your story, I have concerns. Can you explain the issue a little more in depth?




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    1. Oh Lord no… Not because of a sucky NIC driver.

  8. exchanged my i7 due to heat and wifi issues. original lot 1429. replacement was lot 1431. no wifi or heat issues. writing this reply on it. much happier now.

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