MVP? Martial Artist? Read on!

Over the eight years I spent as a Microsoft MVP I was honoured to meet so many wonderful people, fellow MVPs and MicrosoftBLeeGr04 (800x600) employees alike.  While we are usually viewed as IT Pros, Developers, experts in our field, I have learned that none of us is one-dimensional, and often have a lot of other interests in common.  For example, I am a martial artist, and I know that many other Microsofties and Microsoft MVPs are as well.  Some probably do it for sport, others for much different reasons.  Of course there is probably not a martial artist in the world who does not know and respect (revere?) Bruce Lee.

In November many of us – a great many of us in fact – will descend upon the Seattle / Redmond / Bellevue area for MVP Summit.  During my past few visits there I have made it a point each time to visit the grave of The Dragon, Bruce Lee.  Eighteen months ago, at the last MVP Summit I attended, I spoke to a few people informally about it, and they wanted to go… but nothing came of it, and I went with a friend.

This time I would like to know if any of you are interested in going with me.  If you are, I propose that we all wear our gis, duboks, or whatever you wear when you practice your art, and head down as a group.  We can take a group photo there, and possibly even teach each other some of our patterns (although not in the cemetery)…

For the time being I have not given any thought to how we would get there, and that would ultimately depend on just how many of you reply that you want to go.  However I think the best day to plan it is either Sunday November 2 or Friday November 7.  If you are interested, please reply here… and send me an e-mail to

I am looking forward to seeing so many of you at the upcoming Summit… See you then!


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