Progress… The Excruciating Pace of Progress

Losing a part of me

I know I am losing weight.  How do I know it?  Because every two weeks I go to the Wharton Weight Management Clinic and they weigh me, and with a single exception (after my recent trip to Seattle) my weight has been lower every visit since the beginning of June.

So why is it that when I weigh myself every morning on my own Fitbit Aria Scale I seem to be around the same weight?

Simple… Every weight loss and diet specialist I have ever spoken to has told me that you should not weigh yourself every day.  Why not?  A few reasons.  For one, weight loss sometimes works with a sort of ‘time delay…’ I have in the past been able to eat a plate of wings on Tuesday, and on Wednesday there is no weight gain; Thursday or Friday however it shows up.  The same is true of the opposite – I…

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