A Brief Explanation…

Yesterday I posted a blog article that was taken down after a few minutes.  It read: ‘Now do you believe that I am who I say I am?’  As soon as I realized that it was pushed out to Facebook, Twitter, and all of my followers I took it down.  Nevertheless, I have been asked to explain.

I was on the phone with a customer service representative from a company that we do business with.  When he asked me my name I got a very unexpected response: ‘No you aren’t!’

Umm… huh?  I asked what he meant.  ‘I read Mitch Garvis’ blog… you’re not really him!’

Okay… while I was flattered that he was a reader (I appreciate every one of you!) I needed in this particular situation to prove to him that I am me.  So I told him to wait a minute, typed up and published that post, and told him to go to the blog.  Once he saw the article he believed me and wanted to help (that is is job after all, no matter who I am)… and I forgot to immediately delete the post.

Please excuse me, and thanks again for reading!


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