Ending Snow Days? Sorry kids, but it SHOULD happen soon.

Shortly after I got off the road this morning I saw a Facebook post by my friend Sharon Bennett about working from home, and it reminded me of this article that she and I worked on together. It’s worth another read!

The World According to Mitch

This month I had lunch with Sharon Bennett, a veteran of the IT industry and blogger. We discussed a number of topics relating to both technology and community… I asked her a ton of questions, and the one that got me the most intriguing answer was: ‘What would you like to see technology do in the future?’ It is a question I ask all the time, when I feel that people have the experience and insight to provide an interesting answer. Because of the nature and vagueness of the question I always receive something different, but Sharon’s answer intrigued me.

‘End snow days.’

For those of you who live in warmer climes this may require some explanation. Up here in the Great White North we get a lot of snow – depending on the region some more than others. Although this current school year seems to be the exception…

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