Way Way Back!

There is a nifty tool on the Internet called the Wayback Machine.  It lets you see what websites looked like a long time ago.

My blog (garvis.ca, as well as virtualizationczar.com) evolved from mitchgarvis.com, which came about when I decided to take my blog off mitpro.ca.  However before any of those there was e-mitch.com, and it did not use WordPress or DotNetNuke – neither of those tools existed at the time – but rather, consisted of my writing the html code using one of the free tools that I learned from Bill Sparks.  It was essentially my thoughts, my messages, and whatever I was up to at the time.

There is a snapshot of the site from January. 2003 which may be the first time I ever talked about my site’s statistics.  In the opening paragraph (dated January 12, 2003) I write that the site averaged a little under 30 visits per month, but for that month (following my New Year’s e-mail to everyone) there were an astonishing 67 hits by the twelfth!  To put that into perspective, for the year ending today this site averaged slightly over 15,250 hits per month.


It is great to be able to look back from where I came from.  In 2004 I converted the site to something that I wanted to be more business-focused… or at least I divided it into a personal and a professional side.  On the professional side you can see that I was really a one-man shop trying to support small businesses.  On the personal side there seems to be a heavy focus on my relationship with my first wife… and no wonder, we were married in June of that year.  It is funny to look back at my writing, a decade later, and remember how in love with her I was.  Oops.  I guess that’s the way it goes. 


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