My New Word…?

I was driving with a friend over the week-end, and describing the behaviour of someone with whom I recently cut all ties.  Part of the reason I did is because she is a master manipulator.  “She is a Manipulatrix.”

Brad said he loved that word, even though he had never heard it before.  I admit, I hadn’t either… we thought that I had coined a new word.

When I looked it up on-line before claiming the credit for it, unfortunately there was not only a definition on Urban Dictionary- Manipulatrix, there is even a site (which claims on the first screen to be “NOT FOR THE MEEK!”  So obviously, there is, within the world of alternative sexual lifestyles, previous uses and claims to the word.

With that being said, there is nothing sexual or alternative to the family member to whom I was referring, so I am coining the term thusly:

Manipulatrix: A woman who will manipulate every situation to her advantage, often using detrimental or derogatory actions to belittle the target of her manipulation.

A woman who, using her own wiles, causes others to do her bidding and/or to change situations to her favour.

Let me be clear, before anyone gets any silly ideas: I am not referring to any woman to whom I have dated or been married.  While my marriage to Theresa has ended, we are on very good terms, and I do not consider her in any negative terms.  My first wife may have been a lot of things, but she was not a manipulatrix.


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