That Was the Week That Was…

This has been one of those weeks that I love as an IT Professional.  I have succeeded in keeping meetings to a minimum, and got to play with a lot of cool technology.

If I look back on the week, and this is without reviewing my notes, I have built:

  • Storage Pools
  • iSCSI Targets
  • Failover Clusters
  • Scale-Out File Servers
  • AlwaysOn SQL Instances
  • Secure Windows To Go (WTG) keys
  • Azure RemoteApp
  • Azure Virtual Machines
  • Azure Active Directory

… that is to say nothing of the Cluster-Aware Updates that I got to play with, the PowerShell scripts I got to figure out, the tunneled VPN I got to test and start using for my company, Designated Names, Hyper-V, Windows 10, Server 2016, Group Policy Objects, and so much more.

I expect that most of my readers are IT Professionals, and most of us got into the business because we were passionate about the technologies.  I am equally sure that many of us spend a lot of time doing the type of monotonous minutiae that can make us forget that we get to come to work and play with toys most of the time.  Well, it’s weeks like this one that serve to remind us, and reinvigorate the joy in what we do.

The next few weeks will be interesting, leading right up to the days I will be taking off working at the PanAm Games.  Until then, it looks like an exciting time.

Have a great week-end folks!


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