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Warning: The Tax Department Is Not This Efficient!

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I received what on the surface looked like a very welcome e-mail today from the Government of Canada, Specifically from the Canada Revenue Agency.  Specifically, it looked like this:

No Refund

I was thrilled… and then I remembered that anything that looks too good to be true probably is.

  1. The e-mail address it came in from bears no resemblance to a Canadian Government address;
  2. The CRA has my bank information.
  3. I owe the CRA money.  Yes, I may be entitled to a refund for this year, but that refund would not be deposited to my account, rather it would be applied to what I owe them.

To make a long story short: This is just one more example of a group of feckless losers (i.e.: Those losers completely devoid of all traces of feck) preying on the ill-informed.


Have a great week-end!



  1. shayneneal says:

    are you saying that you didnt claim your money? hehe

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