Outlook / Hotmail Issues Acknowledged

When I posted my last couple of posts Microsoft was reporting that ‘All is Well.’  Dashboards were green, nothing to see here.  That has now changed:


So we know now that the issues are pretty serious… at least, serious enough that they are now acknowledging them.

As for me, I have been having an issue with my Microsoft account that has been ongoing since December 5th.  I have held off talking about it for security reasons, but with all that has been going on today, and the fact that yesterday my account might have been hacked, I am planning on writing about it tonight.  And boy are you guys going to be shocked.  All I will say for now is this: DO NOT TRUST MICROSOFT SECURITY. 

Yes, I said it.  For a decade I have been espousing the virtues and benefits of Microsoft’s security.  Unfortunately I have had to change my position on this, and in a very big way.  DO NOT TRUST THEM.  It has cost me terribly, and I will tell you about it tomorrow.



2 responses to “Outlook / Hotmail Issues Acknowledged”

  1. ROTFL!! Still living with the aftermath of my MS-related experience ~ 29 *months* ago, do you truly believe I’ll be shocked by *anything* you might say? But ping me privately if you’d care for an update {or are willing to listen & offer your sage advice}

    If you’d care for details {with links if I can still find & get to them} of several worldwide hotmail/outlook/live incidents ~ 2013 that would be unbelievable if I hadn’t seen them myself & been in the middle trying to help – private too – just ask.


  2. ROTFL!! After my MS-related experiences over the last ~ 29 *months*, I sincerely doubt anything you might choose to say could possibly shock me – but I look forward to reading it – as I do all your articles (but this one holds a special place in my heart).


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