Touch: You can touch this!

Occasionally I am sent a press release about a new product, or a soon to be released product, that I think is worth talking about.  That happened this week when I received a kit about an upcoming product called Touch Earbuds.

touch-campaign-openers-v02The Touch Earbuds are the next generation of a product I looked at a few months ago called the Dot, which was a single earbud (although you could buy two and listen in stereo), which attached magnetically to a charging device (which in turn made a good key chain).  I made some recommendations to the company based on my experience, and here is the result: A pair of ear buds that have probably the best specs on paper that I’ve seen.  The charger is now an enclosed case (that simultaneously holds and charges the pair of buds), the Bluetooth 5 technology gives it an astounding 200m range from your device, as well as faster pairing, and the low energy functionality is perfect for devices that are needed to run for longer lengths of time.  They also did away with the button, and the Touch runs on just that – touch technology.

Did I mention that the Touch ear bud is 21mm long, making it a little shorter than an American quarter?  It fits in your ear smoothly and discretely, and stays in place even during rigorous physical activity.  They are sweat- and water-resistant, so you don’t have to take them out when it’s raining, or when you are working up a sweat.  They also come with various sizes of ear tips, to make sure they fit you perfectly.

The Touch is the world’s smallest ear buds, and they are due out in November, just in time for Christmas.  If you want to get in early though, you can back their Indiegogo campaign by clicking here.  There are more pictures, as well as data sheets and comparisons that you can look at.

I am really looking forward to trying these out… they will be the perfect fit for my long jogs and gym workouts, as well as for whenever I feel like listening to music… or chatting on the phone, because the noise reduction microphone makes it as easy as pie to chat as well as listen.



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