I Did It Again!

It was a beautiful afternoon one day last week and so after my work was done I decided to take my Princess Sophie to the park. She is usually very patient with me during the day, knowing that I will almost always take her to the park.We walked around, she did her business, she played … Continue reading I Did It Again!

Jaybird Vista: Comfort and quality

Late last year I invested in a pair of Jaybird Bluetooth earbuds. They were okay – I did not love them, but they worked well, sounded good, and that was really all that I needed. When I started having issues with them in January I looked online and tried to apply the latest firmware. When … Continue reading Jaybird Vista: Comfort and quality

Touch: You can touch this!

Occasionally I am sent a press release about a new product, or a soon to be released product, that I think is worth talking about.  That happened this week when I received a kit about an upcoming product called Touch Earbuds. The Touch Earbuds are the next generation of a product I looked at a … Continue reading Touch: You can touch this!