A quick teaser…

As many of you know, I have always had a soft spot for Windows to Go (WTG), a technology that Microsoft introduced in Windows 8.  I have written reviews and how-to articles on the topic dating back to June, 2012.  While I do currently have a favourite device, I have three (3) of them on a key ring that I use for different reasons.

I am excited.  Yesterday I had a conversation with a representative of a company that makes a secure key that supports (but is not certified for) Windows to Go.  While it may not be certified by Microsoft, it does have some very interesting features that are unique among its competition.  I am looking forward to receiving a unit to evaluate, so I can tell you how it goes.  I will not give you any spoilers, but I also promise that I will not be giving any marketing spiel whatsoever… my review will be technical, and accurate.

Stay tuned!



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