It’s a Lock! TappLock wins.

file-17I took the summer off from the gym.  I played a lot of golf, I wasn’t in the right mindset, it doesn’t matter why… I just did.  I started back this week, and it was painful.  Fortunately, one aspect of the pain was easily resolved.

In my gym bag there were two padlocks.  The first, a Master Lock.  The second, my Tapplock One.  It had been a couple of months (at least) since I had looked at either of them.

I looked at the Master Lock and realized, to my dismay, that I did not remember the combination.  Yes, I think I have it stored somewhere online in a Master Lock vault, but standing at the gym I did not have the time (nor the inclination) to try to figure out the URL, my credentials, and which lock it was.

I looked at the Tapplock One and did some quick math… would the battery still be good after a couple of months sitting unused in my gym bag?  The answer was YES, and I was off to the races.

There is no question that there are cheaper locks on the market… but when forgetting a combination happens much more frequently than forgetting your fingers.  The Tapplock wins this battle, hands down!


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