The Safety of Ottawa…

Red_Maple_Leaf.svgYesterday MacLean’s Magazine posted their index of the most dangerous (crime-related) cities in Canada.  Ottawa, where I currently live, placed a comfortable 145th on the list.  I’m good with that – I do not expect to be jumped by a group of marauding bandits when I walk down the street.

What I found interesting about the list is that no city in the Top 10 is east of Manitoba.  In fact, of the top 20, only three are east of Manitoba – Pembroke, ON (11), Stratford, ON (12), and Cobourg, ON (18).  The highest ranking Maritime city is Amherst, NS (26), and the most dangerous city in Quebec (and the only Quebec city below #99) is Thetford Mines (45).

Of the other Canadian municipalities where I have lived:

  • Halton Region (Oakville, Burlington) ranks 96th
  • Mississauga (and Brampton) ranks 124th
  • Montreal ranks 211th

I don’t walk down the street anywhere in Canada worrying that I am going to get jumped… but I wonder what it is about Western Canada that makes it so much more dangerous than Eastern Canada.

Oh well… maybe it’s the maple syrup that is keeping Quebec calm?




3 responses to “The Safety of Ottawa…”

  1. I had heard the same report this morning. On the radio morning show they actually interviewed an RCMP crime analyst and the main theory behind western provinces seeing this crime increase is if someone’s job situation changes out east, they are much more likely to move. If someone’s job situation changes in the west they tend to stay and thus be more susceptible to resorting to crime. Interesting stuff!

  2. So the land of Shakespeare is dangerous?

  3. Hi Mitch, Vic here, met you through ITPro Toronto.

    I did have your direct email, but can’t seem to locate it now.

    I jumped into the Initiative Q deal you put out there a while back, and have had some bits at others joining. I need you to approve me, so I can approve others.

    Can you log into Initiate Q and catchup please.


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