Shabbat Shalom

Today is the Sabbath. On the seventh day, G-d abstained (shavat). “The Lord blessed the seventh day and sanctified it because He abstained from all His work which He created to make.”

My grandparents lived in Montreal, but for many years they had a country home on Loon Lake, New York. There was a vibrant Jewish community in Loon Lake at the time, as well as a beautiful public golf course. My grandfather (Zaide Aaron, z”l) was an avid golfer, and that is how he spent his Saturdays (and many other days, if memory serves).

There is a story that one Saturday the Rabbi was walking along the road next to the golf course, returning home from synagogue. He saw my grandfather and greeted him. “Aaron, why are you golfing today when you should have been in synagogue?” My grandfather replied: “Rabbi, you commune with G-d your way… and I commune with him my way, here.” His wisdom and insight was always inspiring.

I cannot golf today for reasons I will not go into, but I did say my prayers and now I will relax at home. I will take Princess Sophie to the park… probably a couple of times throughout the course of the day. I will smoke cigars, and I will probably listen to some music.

Whatever you do to relax, I wish you all of it on this holy day. May G-d grant you peace and serenity in all that you do.


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