Customer Service… and not.

I have had two very different experiences with Customer Service this week which I would like to share.Sometimes a product breaks, and it is nobody’s fault. When this happens, and especially when then product is a recent purchase, it is the company’s responsibility to fix or replace it for you. However most companies are not… Continue reading Customer Service… and not.

American Express: Leave home without them, because they don’t care.

I have been a customer of American Express for six years.  Because it is not my primary credit card (I know, they are a charge card) they have TERRIBLE customer service.  I have paid down my balance every month, but because my average spending on their card is lower, they refuse to let me buy… Continue reading American Express: Leave home without them, because they don’t care.

Customer Service: United Drops the Ball

I fly a lot, and have seen all sorts of crews.  I understand that Flight Attendants are human and, like the rest of us, are prone to having bad days.  With that being said, I was very disappointed this week-end by the crew of United 846 from Buenos Aires (Ezeiza) to Washington (Dulles).  They is… Continue reading Customer Service: United Drops the Ball