Stackable Certifications

While I have been chasing Microsoft certifications for two decades, I never gave any real thought to CompTIA. I had nothing against them, I just never pursued them. And then a couple of years ago, a training broker reached out and asked me if I would deliver Network+ and Security+ courses for one of their … Continue reading Stackable Certifications

Another Exam Experience… a harrowing one!

Someone asked me recently why I used to prefer going into a testing centre to sit my certification exams. I told them that if anything went wrong, the staff had a direct line to get faster support, but that fewer things were likely to go wrong.This week I sat my third exam in the past … Continue reading Another Exam Experience… a harrowing one!

Certification Exams… At Home Again.

· I should go back and see just how many posts I have written about certifications… if I can count that high. It has long been a topic that I have been passionate about, and that has not changed. When I looked at my Microsoft Learning Transcript the other day I was surprised to see … Continue reading Certification Exams… At Home Again.