Hyper-V Server Clustering Network Issue: Validation Failed?

If I've told you once I've told you a thousand times... When you build a Failover Cluster on Windows Server make sure you run the Validation Tests... and make sure those tests succeed (or at the very least nothing FAILS... Warnings are acceptable). So as I sit at a client trying to cluster two Hyper-V... Continue Reading →

Converting Fixed Size VHDs to Dynamic Sized VHDs

I was called in to help a company recently with a small Hyper-V environment.  They created a 2TB VHD file (they had good reasons for not using .vhdx files, but the steps in this article will work for both versions).  They realized that they had unnecessarily created the drive as a 2TB Fixed Size disk... Continue Reading →

Busting the Myth: You cannot cluster Windows Small Business Server

Microsoft created Windows Small Business Server as a one-box solution for companies that did not need more.  It has always been a hobbled product, based on Windows Server Standard, but limited in things like domain trusts, FSMO roles, and more. Of course even if it were based on Windows Server Enterprise, the idea of creating... Continue Reading →

A follow-up to my article on configuring iSCSI Initiator in Server Core & Hyper-V Server

There are real advantages to being a veteran of the IT industry… you learn to do something, and it continues to work through version changes; when people discover features in Windows 2008R2 I am often amused to point out ‘Yeah, that’s been there since Windows Server 2003… it’s just never been popular.’ One disadvantage, though,... Continue Reading →

Server Core, Target, and Initiator: Commanding them to work!

Many of you (thousands, impressively!) read the three articles that I wrote in April for Microsoft Canada about Microsoft’s Software iSCSI Target 3.3.  If you didn’t, you can read them all now by clicking below: All for SAN and SAN for All Creating a SAN using Microsoft iSCSI Software Target 3.3 Creating HA VMs for... Continue Reading →

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