Is VMware Still the King? How long can that last?

Recently Computer Dealer News ( released a list of Microsoft’s top 12 rivals.  If you read through the analyses on the list some of the companies listed should be keeping Mr. Ballmer awake at night.  However one rival on that list – VMware – has a very different tune.

It is folly to deny that VMware has been the king of the virtualization world for years.  As a Virtual Partner Technology Advisor for Microsoft Canada I have been spending a lot of time explaining the Microsoft virtualization story, and how it really is the future (if not the present!)  I have certainly turned a lot of heads, I have even convinced a few people.  I will continue to share my story and experiences, because I truly believe that what Microsoft offers with Hyper-V 2008 R2 SP1 and the System Center line are technologically competitive while being much more fiscally attractive. 

Not convinced?  Why don’t you sit through one of my sessions, or invite me to your office to show you what we’ve got.  I still don’t have a bad thing to say about VMware’s technology… but why spend $44,000 for what I could otherwise get for free?  Ask me how.


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