Canadian IT Pros at TechEd 2012

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Our home and native land, Eh?


The countdown is on folks… I am really excited to be heading to Orlando in just over a month out – my flight is confirmed, my hotel is booked, and I am eager to head to my fifth consecutive TechEd (North America).

One of the highlights of every TechEd I have been to has been connecting with a lot of my fellow Canadian IT Pros (yes, for this context I include Devs in the same group).  In fact for the last couple of years, the DPE (Evangelism) team at Microsoft has coordinated a ‘soiree’ for us where we all got together, had drinks, shared stories, and got to know one another.  Last year we were in Atlanta, and they held the event in a bar atop one of the hotels, and it was a lot of fun.  I got to meet all sorts of people from across the country whom I would likely never have met.

I found out the other day that none of the Canadian DPE team are going to be with us in Orlando this year.  On the one hand it is too bad that they will not be able to connect with a lot of you from across the country, but in truth I have felt that this year they have done such a great job of getting out across the country and seeing so many of you at events, user groups, and IT Camps that it is hard to fault them for it.

With that being said, we got together and decided that we did not want the tradition to end.  So although there will be nothing ‘official’ on the agenda, we are going to get together and drink a toast to the DPE team.  The plans are not firmed up yet, but if you are a Canadian going to TechEd 2012 and are interested in getting together for a drink (and appetizers?) with the rest of the Canadian contingent, I am going to make sure that happens.

What you need to do:

  1. Send me an e-mail at the following address:  NOTE: If you have any other e-mail address for me, do NOT use it for this.  I am using a special group so that I can easily sort requests!  Let me know that you are interested in joining the Canadian Community Get Together at TechEd.
  2. Keep your eyes peeled for further details.  I will be sending out an e-mail most likely the week of June 4th with details about time and date.  The place will most likely be a bar in one of the hotels (I tend to favour the ones that I stay at, but will make sure it is convenient to all).
  3. If you misspell COLOUR, FLAVOUR, FAVOUR, SAVOUR, CENTRE, SERGEANT or any other word that Canadians spell properly and that Americans do not, please brush up!! There may be a quiz before you are entitled to drinks! (On the same vein, brush up on hockey, curling, and make sure you know who really won the War of 1812! Hint: It was NOT a draw!)

That’s about it… As always, this will be an informal get together, so come as you are… I promise that I will!




4 responses to “Canadian IT Pros at TechEd 2012”

  1. Looking forward to it!

  2. Looking forward to it! Had a good time last year connecting with other IT folk!

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