Canadian Politics…

A month ago I sat down with my Member of Parliament, the Honourable Karina Gould.  Ms. Gould is a member of the Liberal Party, and is a very nice young lady who despite knowing I did not vote for her was happy to meet with me and listen to my issues. I should mention that... Continue Reading →

Canadian Get Together at Microsoft TechEd 2012!

(Third in the series... see for more info!)Hey fellow Canucks, Eh?! Welcome to Orlando! It is an amazing place to be for an amazing event to be at! We are going to have an incredible time at the 20th anniversary of this amazing event. So for all of you who have been eagerly waiting to... Continue Reading →

Does Quebec Have a Future in Canada? Whose Call is it?

Last week the National Post (one of two national newspapers in Canada that are actually quite focused on Ontario) published a survey asking Canadians to respond to the question of whether Quebec actually deserved to remain in Canada. "Does Quebec have a future in Canada?" Of course, if you have lived in Canada or North... Continue Reading →

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