Smoking the competition with meat!

When I was living abroad I had two great friends - Mark Segal and David Goodman - and the three of us were inseparable.  The two New Yorkers and I had a lot in common, but one thing that we never agreed on was food... for some reason the two of them never understood the … Continue reading Smoking the competition with meat!

Transitions & Changes

I received an e-mail this week from the Montreal IT Professionals Community (MITPro) inviting me to the 2014 Annual General Meeting. I remembered a day nine years ago in January, 2005.  Later in the day I would be heading to the first meeting of the group who had been brought together to build a user … Continue reading Transitions & Changes

Welcome to Cote St. Luc, Montreal

I came to Montreal to visit my father this week.  I arrived Tuesday evening and picked my father up at his apartment in the Cote Saint Luc section of town.  After dinner we drove around looking for a place to park.  I found two spots that looked good, but my father found the signs (well … Continue reading Welcome to Cote St. Luc, Montreal

What Does Being an MVP Mean to ME?

This month I will be speaking at the SMB Nation Fall Conference.  My main presentation will be on what IT will look like for small- and mid-sized businesses in what I call the ‘Post-SBS Era.’  I will be discussing Private Cloud, System Center, Virtualization, Office 365, Azure, and Windows Intune. I have also been asked … Continue reading What Does Being an MVP Mean to ME?

Quebec Students Need to Learn…

The protesters were out in full force Tuesday evening as my friend Peter and I walked through the Plateau Mont Royal to the restaurant. When the radio announcer talked about the Pots and Pans brigade I thought he was being funny, but indeed the student protesters at the corner of Villeneuve and de l'Esplanade were … Continue reading Quebec Students Need to Learn…

Sixteen Days Out – a summary

Yesterday was a dichoto-day.  If I made that word up, it is what it sounds like – a day that was a mix of good and bad.  I want to clarify at the outset that this had nothing to do with work, which was fine (I am teaching a class at TekSource Corporate Learning this … Continue reading Sixteen Days Out – a summary

Does Quebec Have a Future in Canada? Whose Call is it?

Last week the National Post (one of two national newspapers in Canada that are actually quite focused on Ontario) published a survey asking Canadians to respond to the question of whether Quebec actually deserved to remain in Canada. "Does Quebec have a future in Canada?" Of course, if you have lived in Canada or North … Continue reading Does Quebec Have a Future in Canada? Whose Call is it?

Microsoft Renews the Certification Plan

I remember the day that I earned my first senior certification, the Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) on Microsoft Windows 2000.  It was a proud day for me, May 27, 2005.  I would later earn my MCSA on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (June 30, 2006), and I was thrilled beyond belief.  Interestingly, although my original … Continue reading Microsoft Renews the Certification Plan