Stay out of politics!

A couple of years ago I went to Montreal with my colleague Damir Bersinic to do a presentation at the Montreal IT Professionals Community (  I was born in Montreal, and when I moved to Ontario in 2007 I found it interesting to see the point of view of the 'Rest of Canada'.  Nearly five... Continue Reading →

Quebec Students Need to Learn…

The protesters were out in full force Tuesday evening as my friend Peter and I walked through the Plateau Mont Royal to the restaurant. When the radio announcer talked about the Pots and Pans brigade I thought he was being funny, but indeed the student protesters at the corner of Villeneuve and de l'Esplanade were... Continue Reading →

Does Quebec Have a Future in Canada? Whose Call is it?

Last week the National Post (one of two national newspapers in Canada that are actually quite focused on Ontario) published a survey asking Canadians to respond to the question of whether Quebec actually deserved to remain in Canada. "Does Quebec have a future in Canada?" Of course, if you have lived in Canada or North... Continue Reading →

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