Canadian Get Together at Microsoft TechEd 2012!

Canadian flag outside the Maritime Museum of t...
I don’t have a flag, but look for the Maple Leaf in my hat and come say hi!

(Third in the series… see for more info!)Hey fellow Canucks, Eh?!

Welcome to Orlando! It is an amazing place to be for an amazing event to be at! We are going to have an incredible time at the 20th anniversary of this amazing event.

So for all of you who have been eagerly waiting to hear where the Canadian Hookup is going to be, I have arbitrarily decided to do it at the bar at the Renaissance Orlando SeaWorld (Shuttle Bus 1 – Red Line).  It is the only hotel I know (I didn’t realize I had stayed there before, and have attended a couple of great events there.  It is also the only hotel where I have an expense account and can buy the appies for everyone coming!  If all goes well we will take the upper deck, and I will make sure we have enough tables for everyone.  However I will be there in my cowboy hat and if we can’t get the upper deck then just look for me J (If you don’t recognize me yet, just ask someone ;))

I had only gotten one other suggestion for a venue, and had to make a snap decision… because my plane was delayed (6 hours GRRRR) I couldn’t scope out other venues last night.  Sorry about that Shaun.

I am also sorry that I was expecting the Kings to win in five… I literally picked Tuesday out of a hat, otherwise I would have suggested (as someone pointed out) that we all get together to watch Game 6 tonight.  If anyone wants to do that, let’s do it on an impromptu basis.

I want everyone here to know that we are here, we are Canadian, and we are united… so if you are a Tweet-type please follow me (#MGarvis) and every time you see my posts (#CdnAtTechEd) about Team Canada please retweet it and encourage others to do so.  Right now we are about 30 people registered for tomorrow… let’s try to double or triple that by tomorrow!  So tell everyone you know – Canadians and Canadian lovers (yes they are out there!) – that they should be tweeting and blogging, and most of all joining us for drinks tomorrow at 5:30!

I Hope to see you all there!

(Third in the series… see for more info!)


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