The Great One Comes to Microsoft Store!

Gretz Darts 1I have to admit that not even my influence could get me to the front of the line to meet (and play Kinect with) The Great One, Number 99 Wayne Gretzky.  I did, however, get close enough to take a couple of pictures of him playing the game, and wanted to share them with you!

The Microsoft Store’s Grand Opening weekend is going like gangbusters – an incredible event to be sure.  The store was busy all day today – and I mean PACKED!  For most people the real attraction was the technology, the excitement, the hype.  However at 2pm the lines started forming, and by the time 6:00pm came around there were literally hundreds of fans lined up to meet, be photographed with, and play Kinect Darts with Gretz.

Whatever you came for, you couldn’t help but have a great time… even if you didn’t get to meet The Great One up close!


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