They DON’T all look the same!

You know how some ignorant people will say that ‘all Oriental people look the same’? Well I am not and have never been one of those.  I Have been aware of the differences between Chinese and Japanese for as long as I have understood there was Karate and Kung Fu.

So how is it, will you please tell me, that I walked into a restaurant in the middle of Shinagawa (Tokyo) and ended up having a Chinese meal?  I didn’t know it was going to be Chinese until the hot and sour soup arrived… at which point I realized I’d made a bit of a mistake.

No matter, I couldn’t send it all back and walk out, lest I really offend someone.  I ate my soup and dumplings and I took my leave.  It wasn’t the worst Chinese food I’d ever eaten… but it certainly wasn’t the best.

That’s what I get for deciding to take a night off from the best sashimi in the world!

…Oh, did I mention it was nearly three times the price of the sashimi?  Sigh…


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