My Famous Pooch!

I had forgotten about this one… but apparently her story is still on-line!  Gingit has grown up some and earned some trust… but she is still one that has to be watched!  She is now six years old… this is from when she was 8 months. -M

I am so proud of Gingit… Yesterday she attained immortality!  At 8 months old she has vaulted to the Number Five spot (worldwide!) on the auspicious site…

To see her story, please click!

Sigh… at least some good came of all that loss!



One response to “My Famous Pooch!”

  1. […] You see, the proof would not be how well behaved Jacob was when I was home, it would be how would he be when I was gone… for nearly five hours.  I didn’t have a choice, and besides… how much could he really destroy?  A silly question, knowing Gingit as well as I do 🙂 (See article). […]

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