Enabling Agent Proxy in SCOM 2016

System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) chiefly relies on Agents in order to collect the data required to generate its reports.  After all, SCOM’s primary functions are monitoring and reporting, right?  Well, in order to do this for hundreds to hundreds of thousands of computers, there is a feature called Agent Proxying that helps it out.  Unfortunately, it is disabled by default.  So, once you have installed SCOM 2016, it is going to start spewing out errors… even before you install your first Management Pack.


So, this is a pretty easy fix.  You COULD do it via the GUI, through the Operations Console… under AdministrationDevice ManagementAgent Managed, right-click on the computer in question, and under Properties, click on the Security tab, and click the checkbox (the only one): Allow this agent to act as a proxy and discover managed objects on other computers.  

Of course, my preferred method would be via PowerShell.

  1. Connect to the Operations Manager Shell.
  2. Enter the following cmdlet: get-SCOMagent | where {$_.ProxyingEnabled -match “False”} | Enable-SCOMAgentProxy

That’s it… as simple as that.  AgentProxy Enabled

You should only have to do this the once, unless you decide later on to add Management Servers.

Good luck!


One response to “Enabling Agent Proxy in SCOM 2016”

  1. “You should only have to do this the once, unless you decide later on to add Management Servers.”

    don’t you have to do it for every new agent you add?

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