SCOM Prerequisites: A Web of Confusion

Microsoft's System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) has several prerequisites that must be installed for each component, and frankly, some of those can be cumbersome to get around.  Of course, it is nice for the SCOM installation console to let us know that Report Viewer (a free download from Microsoft, link provided in the notifications window)... Continue Reading →

Operations Manager: How to List What Management Packs Are Installed?

A client asked me recently how to determine what Management Packs he had installed in his System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) infrastructure.  I told him to open his Management Console and navigate to Administration - Installed Management Packs.  It was a short conversation. Easy peasy, right?  Here's a list, go with G-d.  Twenty minutes later, my phone... Continue Reading →

Domain Controller Health Service Lockdown Issue with SCOM 2016

I came to this realization last year, but I don't think I wrote about it. When monitoring domain controllers, specifically domain controllers running on Windows Server 2016, and specifically with System Center Operations Manager 2016 (and later, I assume) have a bit of an issue when you deploy the SCOM Agent to the server.  It deploys,... Continue Reading →

SCOM Unmonitored: Never Again!

In my last article I showed you how to enable the System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) Agent Proxy using PowerShell.  We used the cmdlet: PS C:\> Get-SCOMagent | where {$_.ProxyingEnabled -match "False"} | Enable-SCOMAgentProxy While this does work, it is what I call a point-in-time solution… that is, it enables the Agent Proxy on everything... Continue Reading →

SCOM: Unmanaged?

Congratulations! You have installed System Center Operations Manager, and you have installed all of the management packs that you needed.  Unfortunately you are getting that big, ugly, EMPTY green circle… you know, the one that is supposed to have green check marks in them?  Yeah, it happens to me too.  The solution, often enough, is... Continue Reading →

Keep Up: How to configure SCOM to monitor the running state of services and restart them when they stop

Windows runs on services.  Don’t believe me?  Open your Services console and count just how many are running at any given time.  Of course, some of them are more important than others… especially when you are talking about servers that are critical to your organization. A new customer recently called me for a DEAR Call... Continue Reading →

Step-by-Step: Installing System Center Operations Manager 2012 SP1

So here we are, telling you that you should be getting with the program; download and install System Center 2012 SP1, it will transform your life!  Unfortunately that’s where we have left you… with a list of incredible capabilities, and no real understanding of where to start.  So let’s start with the installation process for... Continue Reading →

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