Facebook Down?

FacebookIf you have tried to log on to Facebook over the past couple of hours and have not had any luck, do not try adjusting your set.  The company is experiencing very widespread outages across the Americas.

According to www.downdetector.com, the outage is greatest on the east coast of North America, but Brazil and Peru seem pretty hard hit as well.


I have seen this with other sites before, and I have also seen companies scrambling to find and fix issues with their internal systems, network, firewall, and so on… without checking to see if the actual site was down.  Your best bet is to go to a site line DownDetector and see if it isn’t just you… or you can simply do what I did this afternoon, I went to http://www.google.ca and typed in Is Facebook Down.  Behold, my answer! (as well as proof that my Internet connection was working)

Now, with the major Facebook outage, who wants to bet that overall productivity in the affected areas will increase?


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