Facebook Down?

If you have tried to log on to Facebook over the past couple of hours and have not had any luck, do not try adjusting your set.  The company is experiencing very widespread outages across the Americas. According to http://www.downdetector.com, the outage is greatest on the east coast of North America, but Brazil and Peru … Continue reading Facebook Down?

Office 2013 Social Connectors

I was really excited when Microsoft released its Social Connectors for Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 (Outlook Social Connectors Make it Easier to Keep Track).  In Office 2013 they have, in my opinion, made them even better. For reasons that defy logic my main contact list (the one I have been maintaining since 1996) has 2,882 … Continue reading Office 2013 Social Connectors

Social Media for Business… My thoughts.

Recently Backbone Magazine’s Peter Wolchak asked the question on their LinkedIn group: Does social media actually benefit business? After reading a few of the responses from others I started answering the question from my point of view.  Once I realized that I was 750 words into my reply I realized it has to be a … Continue reading Social Media for Business… My thoughts.